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The most preferred and recommended method of hair transplantation is the fue method. The Fue method is the process of picking and planting hair roots one by one. Fue method is the micromotor device used in the process of taking different hair follicles and processing. The Fue method is a surgical procedure performed without the use of a knife, and does not require stitching. There is no cut or scar, it is applied very comfortably in ladies and men without gender difference.


After the Fue treatment, the healing process is very rapid and the person can easily continue their daily life. The results of sowing done with Fue method are highly natural and the most preferred method of the patients.


What is PRP?

Abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma. The blood taken from special PrP kits is a thrombocyte-rich cell structure obtained after dissociation in the laboratory environment.

Is there a side effect of PRP?


There is no side effect when you pay attention to general hygiene and sterilization rules because the blood taken from you is treated and applied to you again.


Who does not apply PRP?


Not applicable to cancer patients, active infections, blood diseases


How is PRP applied?


Must be practiced by a medical doctor! Clean thoroughly with antiseptic solution. A portion of the serum separated by centrifugation is injected into the skin using special needles and different techniques.

hairlessness is not your fate but your preference.

11 years of experience

cutting edge technology micromotor fue technique

painless local anesthesia

unlimited hair root planting

According to hair manners frequent and natural appearance

jimer hospital safety and patient satisfaction

free computerized hair analysis and examination

1 year free follow-up check and maintenance

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