BGU TOURS, which operates in various areas of tourism and which started out with the principle of “ Everything Starts with You “, under the leadership of Nevzat ÜNLÜ at the end of 2012, BGU TOURS, based on the philosophy of working with human and human values by saying that “Quality is not a coincidence” , it aims to present this quality as a brand.

With the standard programs prepared by our operation team consisting of experienced staff who have the knowledge and capacity to carry out all kinds of domestic and international tour organization in the kitchen of our business, Quality is our main goal to make them feel special.

Our team consists of this understanding; It has been created in such a way that all kinds of real and legal persons, especially of trade and industrial organizations, unions, chambers, associations and foundations, public and private institutions and enterprises, schools and local administrations, will be able to see all kinds of tourism related needs in the best quality and economic way.




In BGU TOURS, it has all kinds of vacations and tours suitable for everyone and every need. “.So  we can develop as an ambitious discourse.

Our company operates in our office in such a way that we can respond to the needs of our esteemed guests in every area of holiday and tourism with the best quality-price balance.


Our company has the Group A Tourism Travel Agency certificate (TURSAB Document No: 7506) which is authorized to operate in all areas of tourism in all parts of the world.


Our company Nevzat Ünlü Tourism Construction Real Estate Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. Our registered BGU TOURS brand, and Gölyazı BGU BUFFET has the capacity and capability to meet the wide range of needs of our guests with its activity areas supported by affiliated brands.

Our company is also certified with the ISO 18513:2003 ”Tourism Services Management System“ Certificate.


Our team visits you in your workplace and aims to deliver our products and services to your living spaces. Our aim in doing this is to determine your needs in the most precise way and to investigate how we can provide you the highest comfort with the most appropriate budget.


Our team, while performing the services of the highest quality, the most appropriate price to act with the principle of keeping, Our company by staying in the rules of work, the best suppliers of the market by partnering with itself, the quality of the product and service to be observed to keep the highest level.

This service, the components of the service by bringing together to create the organization, to introduce our service to you our guests and finally to make the service you live our ways and methods are true, we are moving on the right path shows the positive responses from our guests.


Because of this understanding way we work and the way we work, people, businesses, public and private institutions and organizations that benefit from our company and our brand give a great power and working enthusiasm to the working team.


As a result of this understanding,  worldwide acceptance in the operator, holds the quality forefront accommodation, transportation, meals and other suppliers, operators in the foreground again quality in Turkey, transport and food etc. we work with service providers.


In the same way, we are working with Bursa's largest tourism suppliers. Therefore also, thanks to our capacity of day-to-day capacity and the quality of service registered by the beneficiaries, our brand has started to be recognized and preferred with great speed.

Even this is a sign that we are moving towards our goals with great and sure steps on the right path


Cumhuriyet District Zafer Street
Nilüfer / Bursa / Türkiye
Telephone: +90 224 453 22 38
Fax: +90 224 453 22 39

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